5 Reasons to Invest in an Influencer Marketing Platform

Investing in an influencer marketing platform will make connecting with well-aligned creators and managing relationships easier. It will also enable you to monitor key metrics like reach, engagement, and brand awareness.

Look for a self-serve marketplace that offers a variety of options. You should be able to choose from self-serve influencers, vetted influencers, and talent agencies.

Increased Reach

Influencers deeply understand their audience and can create content that resonates with them. Influencers can provide a highly targeted and effective marketing strategy for your brand when paired with a quality product.

Great influencer-generated content like in ValuedVoice showcases your ecommerce store naturally and engagingly and captures the attention of your target market. Influencers also offer a unique opportunity to drive sales with their audiences by providing discount codes and links to your online store.

An influencer platform allows you to track key metrics, such as total reach, discount code usage, and more. This valuable data can help you better understand and optimize future campaigns. A good platform can also help you automate and scale your campaigning process, saving time and resources.

More Engagement

An influencer marketing platform helps you keep track of all the content your brand owns or has permission to reuse. This streamlined process makes it easy for your social media teams to coordinate with creators on content creation projects.

When you find creators whose audience aligns with your target demographics, reach out to them to see if they’re interested in working with you on a long-term basis. This is an ideal way to make ecommerce influencer marketing campaigns more official, formal, and easier to measure ROI over time.

Increased Conversions

Brands looking to increase sales can use influencer marketing campaigns to generate warm leads that they can nurture into conversions through email and e-commerce platforms. Additionally, the granular analytics that influencer marketplaces like Dyzio provide make monitoring ROI for each campaign easy.

An influencer marketing platform can also help brands save time and money by matching them with influencers with the right audience for their upcoming campaign. For example, if your forthcoming campaign needs video production, an influencer marketplace will find you the most relevant influencers with experience producing high-quality content for similar audiences to yours. This ensures you get maximum ROI from your upcoming campaign. Moreover, the influencers found through an influencer marketplace are vetted by the platform, making them a trustworthy and safe option.

Better Analytics

A top-tier influencer marketing platform will offer a variety of data that you can scrutinize to determine the ROI of your campaign. This includes engagement metrics like likes and comments, brand awareness, website traffic, and follower growth analytics. It can also give you tools to push sales, such as promo codes, coupons, and a transparent influencer commission system.

Self-service influencer platforms and marketplaces are great for a savvy in-house team and are more affordable than agencies. One example is Famebit, which offers a pay-as-you-go model for influencer reports and a comprehensive database of influencers with vetted audience quality scores and time-saving outreach features. It also has a streamlined workflow and transparent performance reporting. Its main drawback is that it doesn’t offer a unified dashboard to track and analyze campaign performance.

More Scalability

It is a common belief that influencer marketing platforms require a significant investment. However, this doesn’t always have to be true. Many influencer marketing platforms are self-serve, meaning you can pay for what you use and save on hiring agencies or employees.

Additionally, most influencers are happy to work on a revenue-performance basis, which means they get compensated for the sales that their content drives. This is a great way to scale up campaigns and reach a larger audience.

An ideal platform also contains tools that help to push sales, including promo codes and coupons. This helps to increase ROI and make the whole campaign more official. This is especially helpful for Direct-to-Consumer [D2C] brands. A good influencer platform also enables you to manage your entire network of influencers in one place.

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