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E-Boys Style: Explaining the Gen Z TikTok Aesthetic

Like cottage core or dark academia, the e-boy style is one of the latest trends sweeping TikTok. But whereas most of us associate emo with gender-bending sexual expression, this new trend is more about owning your aesthetic. This aesthetic draws from emo, mall goth, scene styles, Japanese street fashion, and K-pop. Read on to learn more about this booming Gen Z trend.


While the e-boy aesthetic is most commonly seen on TikTok, it’s also been seen on Instagram and YouTube by influencers like Chase Hudson. This non-conforming style combines the ’90s grunge and the season’s latest trends. It can be hard to spot, but you’ll know if you see one by their chain jewelry, black nail polish, and hair parted down the center and bleached or dyed bright colors.

The e-boy movement is often compared to soft boys, the previous trend that was both progressive and controversial. It allowed men to be gentle and create communities grounded in sensitivity. However, it was also emotionally draining and exploitative. Thankfully, e-boys are taking the best of the previous trend and pushing it in a new direction. They’re embracing their feminine side and redefining masculinity. E-boys aren’t afraid to cry and show emotion, but they’re not letting that define them. In addition to their vulnerability, they’re embracing their androgynous appearance. A TikTok eboy is seen choking on their necklaces, licking their lips in videos, and flirtatiously looking at the camera.


The e-boy aesthetic is an homage to the ’90s grunge style, anime, and KPop culture. It’s also a rejection of toxic masculinity and a rethinking what it means to be a man. The e-boy style is a mishmash of influences that first appeared online in 2018 and soon gained popularity on TikTok, a video-based social media app popular among Gen Z audiences. The look combines oversized, tight-fitting clothes and skater-inspired pieces like beanies and chains. Black nail polish and dyed hair are also staples of the e-boy aesthetic. They often wear their hair in a messy bun or a faux hawk, and many have piercings and tattoos.

Unlike the OG emo boys of the early 2000s, who were ridiculed for wearing eyeliner and kissing girls, today’s e-boys are more open to exploring gender fluidity and mental health issues. And, as they reclaim their identities as men, they’re using their platforms to raise awareness for important topics such as suicide prevention and domestic violence. E-boys are a diverse group that comes from different backgrounds, but they all share similar interests and values. These include a love of music, video games, and anime. Many are also passionate about the environment, and support causes such as anti-bullying and LGBTQ rights. And, just like their female counterparts, they use their platforms to raise money for charity and inspire others with their passions.


E-boys are a genderless internet culture trend that first rose in popularity on TikTok’s social media app. A subset of scene style that draws influence from ’90s skater culture, anime and KPop involves wearing dark clothes like striped T-shirts and jogging pants with chains and other accessories. Hair is frequently middle parted and bleached or colored a vivid hue, such as green or blue.

TikTok stars like Noen Eubanks, a model who has garnered over 8 million followers on the platform, and Chase Hudson, an emo rapper with a 7 million following, are well-known examples of the e-boy aesthetic. They wear middle-parted, bleached hair and black nail polish. They also wear oversized denim, chain necklaces and black and white stripes. They might show off their piercings or tattoos and discuss their interests in rap, hip hop and skater culture. The e-boy lifestyle has some BDSM influences and can be sexual, but e-boys aren’t necessarily promiscuous. They’re more likely to use sex as a form of self-expression. While they might smoke the occasional cigarette, Juul pod or joint, drugs aren’t their go-to vice. Instead, they focus more on securing many views and engagements to boost their social capital.


While VSCO girls are all about pastels and beach vibes, E-boys are the dark, brooding heartthrobs of Gen Z. Think Harry Styles with a darker, more emo aesthetic. The e-boy movement is more than just a clothing fad; it’s a lifestyle that has become popular among teen boys thanks to TikTok. The e-boy trend is defined by a unique style of dress that draws inspiration from grunge, emo, and goth culture. To achieve the e-boy look, opt for black jeans and oversized band T-shirts with striped long sleeves. Wear them with a pair of Converse sneakers, and add a chain necklace for good measure. You should also paint your nails black and draw thick, black eyeliner.

Another important part of e-boy culture is the music they listen to. They typically listen to emo and pop punk tunes, rap, and hip hop. Popular e-boys like Chase Hudson and Noen Eubanks have gained immense popularity on TikTok with their catchy music. While some e-boys are more extreme than others, most don’t promote drugs or sex in their videos. They tend to be more introverted, so they’re not the type to hang out at bars or concert venues. But you’ll likely see them at skate parks, electronics and gaming stores and thrift shops.

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