Dabbing Etiquette – Dos and Don’ts for Enjoying Your Dab Rig

Dabbing etiquette is important to maintain a positive public image for the cannabis industry. Some areas or people may not be familiar with dab pens and can become uncomfortable around the vapor they release.

It’s important to remember a few dab etiquette tips when sharing your rig with friends or newbies. This will ensure everyone has a great experience with their rigs and avoid any unwanted situations that could arise.

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The best dab rigs are expensive, and treating them with care is important. If you’re sharing your rig with other users, know their comfort level. Large vapor clouds can overwhelm and irritate non-smokers, especially in public places. Opting for discreetness will ensure you don’t irritate the people around you while keeping yourself safe from over-inhaling.

If you’re a regular dabber, be generous and offer to help newcomers to the practice. It’s an act of courtesy that will make the experience more enjoyable for everyone involved. Moreover, you’ll likely get a better handle on your dabbing experience when you’re assisted by someone who knows the ropes.

As more and more people adopt this method of marijuana consumption, it’s essential to adhere to these dabbing etiquette tips. These simple guidelines will ensure your rig stays in great condition and provide you with the best possible concentrate experience. Remember, a dab rig is more challenging than a bong or a bowl, so knowing how to properly use your rig before sharing it with others is crucial. Acknowledge other people’s knowledge and comfort level when using a rig to foster a positive public image for dabbing.


Dabbing is one of the fastest-growing methods for enjoying cannabis. These potent extracts offer a cleaner and more pure experience than traditional flower smoking. But just as with any other form of public consumption, certain etiquette guidelines should be observed to ensure an enjoyable and responsible session for everyone involved.

It’s important to assess your surroundings before whipping your arms around in a wildly celebratory gesture. This sudden and extreme physical movement is jarring to those nearby, especially in busy public places like crowded buses or subway trains. It’s also not a good idea to dab while in the middle of a business transaction or interview. A quick and celebratory dab communicates a lack of professionalism, and it’s best to save your arm from flailing when the ink is dry on the contract.

If you’re at a dabbing party and it’s your first time using a rig, be sure to ask for help from the regulars. Showing some serious chivalry can go a long way in helping newbies feel comfortable and reduce the chances of them taking too big of a hit that could send them to dab heaven (or hell). If they’re unfamiliar with the torch and nail heating process, you can show them even more courtesy by manning these tasks.


Dabbing has become a popular method of smoking cannabis, but it’s not suitable in all settings. Dabbing is not appropriate in public places where smoking and vaping are prohibited, such as indoor areas of restaurants or airports.

Additionally, it could be more courteous to dab at work or during a business meeting. This displays a lack of professionalism and could negatively affect your career. It would help if you also refrained from dabbing while driving – this is dangerous for you and other road users.

Clear out all residue before sharing a dab rig before passing it on to the next user. Stale vapor is unpleasant and can ruin the experience for everyone in the room. Consider pre-heating the nail for the next person or cleaning it yourself with one of the many efficient weed rig cleaners on the market.

Lastly, a good rule to live by is not to touch another person’s dabs with your hands. Doing so transfers grease, fingerprints, and other contaminants from your fingers to the concentrate. It’s best to use a dab tool for handling and cleaning. This will prevent you from making a mess and make for a better-tasting dab. If you must use your hands, wash them thoroughly before touching any concentrate.

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