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Factors Affecting The Price of Custom Challenge Coins

The army coin tradition keeps members of a unit, squad or platoon connected. It can be used to mark achievements, commemorate events and inspire loyalty. Depending on design choices, challenge coins can vary in price. Some design choices dramatically impact the per-coin price, while others are more subtle.


When it comes to the size of a custom challenge coin, the design you choose is an important factor in determining how much the custom challenge coins cost. Larger coins have a greater visual impact but require more materials to produce, which will increase the overall price of your order. Another important factor is the shape of your coin. Round coins are the most common, but other forms can be made. Custom shapes create a unique look for your coin and can help inspire a sense of brotherhood and camaraderie in your organization. Polishing options also play a role in the cost of your challenge coins. For example, high-polish gold or silver finishes cost more than a standard flat edge. Other finishing options, such as an oblique line edge or spur edge, will also affect the pricing of your coin. These finishing options are an excellent way to add a unique look and feel to your coin but are unnecessary for every project.


The type of metal used to create is one of the most important factors affecting the final price. Gold is a traditional choice for challenge coins, but can also be expensive. Other options include silver, brass, pewter, and zinc alloy. The type of metal chosen is based on the style of the coin and its overall appearance. Round challenge coins are the most common, and they’re relatively inexpensive. But if you want to add more details like upgraded edges, a 3-D mold, or even a spinner element, the cost will increase. The color of the coin can also drastically change its price. Gold is popular; we offer shiny, antique, and satin finishes. A glossy gold option is eye-catching and bright, while the antique finish gives the coin a more vintage look. Finally, our satin option offers a more muted effect. Other colors, such as rose gold, can add a unique twist to the coin design. These special touches help create a more memorable and recognizable piece.


A challenge coin is a remembrance commemorating military units, events, and members. But, in recent times, civilian organizations like sports teams, universities, and companies have also started to use them to celebrate achievements and build team unity. They are a unique camaraderie symbol passed down for generations and are an important part of many groups’ cultures. Although challenge coins are traditionally round, they can be shaped into any custom design you want. It allows for more visual impact and can add a new level of functionality to the coin. For example, a bottle opener can be incorporated into the design of your custom coin. The shape of your custom challenge coin can also help convey the design’s meaning. For example, if you’re creating a challenge coin that features the emblem of your unit, it can be shaped into a mountain peak to represent the location where the team operates. It can also be shaped into a shield to symbolize protection and safety.

3D artwork

There are a lot of options to consider when ordering challenge coins. Some can greatly affect the final per-coin price, while others are less important. Some of the biggest factors include coin size, coloring, and plating. Some options are free, while others add a small fee to the overall cost. The kind of metal used to make challenge coins is another element that may impact their cost. Gold and silver are more expensive than other metals like copper or nickel. It is because they have a higher value to many people. The type of engraving you choose for your custom challenge coin will also affect the price. Some are more intricate than others and can cause a dramatic increase in the per-coin price. For example, a high-quality spur edge will be more expensive than an oblique line edge. Various packaging options for your challenge coins can greatly affect the overall cost. Minimal packaging is the cheapest option, but some may want more ornate packaging to present their challenge coins.


When ordering custom challenge coins, it’s important to think about how you want them to look when finished. Adding options like 3D artwork will increase the price but can also add professionalism to your coin, which may be worth the extra cost. The shape of your coin can also affect the price. Choosing a non-round form will require a special die mold, typically costing more than a standard round challenge coin. Kinetic features like spinners and gyro coins can also be expensive as they need two separate dies for the base coin and the kinetic part. The plating you choose will also greatly impact the overall price of your coin. Choosing a precious metal like gold or silver will make your coin feel more valuable to the recipient and significantly increase its cost. Alternatively, you could have your coin plated in bronze or nickel, both cheaper metals.

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